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Working as a weekend news reporter for WSB-TV in Atlanta in my 20’s. I had to be at the news station at 4am to start live shots at 6am. Somehow I managed to balance my partying on weekend nights with car crashes and arrests on weekend mornings. Maybe the proudest part was never having to report on myself.


When my five year old asked if he could say the blessing before he ate in the cafeteria when he started Kindergarten. Of course a few years ago when I asked him to help pick up his toys, he responded that he couldn’t because God was my helper.

I also love any unexpected “I love yous” and hugs between my kids.


Reporter for “Entertainment Tonight” or anything to do with mindless celebrity gossip.


1) I worked with my best friend in a hosiery mill the summer after my freshman year in college. This may explain my hatred of hose.

2) I stood in line for more than five hours to meet Kirk Cameron at a car show. I did the same for “Bo” from “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

3) I won’t eat in restaurants if they have a restaurant grade below an “A” (although I wonder if my own kitchen would be above a “C” some days).

More About Sarah

Sarah Weitzenkorn was always convinced she was going to be a news reporter like Bawbra Wawa. Sarah started a newspaper when she was eleven years old in her neighborhood called the “Cedar Creek Times” which included snake sightings and the a coloring contest for the neighborhood kids. Shockingly, it wasn’t a huge success. Undetered, she went on to edit her high school newspaper and wrote several articles for her college newspaper, as well. With a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Sarah was a television news reporter in Albany, Augusta and Atlanta before working for the State Department of Education and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society where she still works part time from home.

Today, Sarah is the mother of two children; a boy who is in Kindergarten and a little girl who, although she thinks she is 13, has recently turned three. She lives in an amazing neighborhood with incredible mom friends and is still trying to deal with the fact that she drives a minivan.

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