Brooke Bernard


Being hired as the editor of a newsstand bridal publication. Turned out the publisher was, er, unstable, but it was fun while it lasted.


Any time my kids stop screaming, “Mine,” and give each other unexpected kisses instead.


Editor of Real Simple magazine


1) I have a twin brother. No, we are not identical.

2) I don’t let my kids eat synthetic food dye.

3) I grew up with a crush on Kenny Rogers.

More About Brooke

Brooke Bernard started seriously writing in the fourth grade when she won a literary contest with a short story about being trapped in the library overnight. Every aspiring writer’s dream, right?

After college, where Brooke double majored in English and journalism, she took an office manager position at a parenting magazine, simply to get her foot in the door. From there, she worked her way up to calendar editor and eventually editor. After several years editing various consumer and trade publications, Brooke bought some office furniture and started freelancing from home while bouncing a baby boy on one knee.

Today, she’s the mother of two, still freelancing part-time and trying not to spill any wine on the computer keyboard while convincing her 5-year-old that the Facebook logo is her company logo. “Yes, honey, updating my status is serious business.”

Brooke and her very patient husband live with their son, daughter and two neurotic dogs way down south.

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