Sexy Costumes for Little Girls May Be Wrong — But They’re Also Sold Out

by Sarah Knight on October 25, 2012

My eight-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to be a police officer for Halloween.

<—This is the only costume we could find in a girls size 8.

This is the creepy, S&M-style description next to the costume:

“Lay down the law in this official looking Police Girl girl’s costume and take charge of the party. Call out any troublemakers and decide what their punishment will be when you enforce the rules in this fun costume.”

I’m pretty sure there is nowhere on earth (outside of a strip joint) where this would qualify as an “official looking police girl’s costume.”

However, there is a much bigger problem here.


That’s right: this sexy, S&M police vixen costume is officially sold out in child small (sizes 4-6), child medium (sizes 8-10), and child large (sizes 12-14). And this same costume is sold out on most of the other sites I checked (however, a few sites did still have it available in TODDLER SIZE).

So no matter how many articles and blogs are out there protesting against sexy costumes for girls, it doesn’t matter. As long as costumes like these sell out, companies will never stop making them.

Because that’s just how companies are.

Nothing will change until parents stop buying it.

I had a talk with my eight year old about the costume and why we weren’t going to buy it. She agreed that real police women don’t wear skirts.

I didn’t use the word “sexy” because she doesn’t know that word. I said I thought it was too grown up.

It would be awesome if I could make her a costume, but I’m not crafty, I’m exhausted, and I’m realistic. It’s not going to happen.

So we finally found a costume that we both thought was OK. It’s a 19th century girl costume with petticoats and hoops.

It wasn’t until after I ordered it that I realized:

Women fought against having to wear restrictive outfits like this over a hundred years ago.

This week it was the most appropriate costume available for a little girl in the 21st century.

It’s time to move forward – not backward – for our girls.

Sarah Knight is co-founder of Mamas Against Drama and the mother of two little girls who will not be wearing this outfit ever. You can follow her on Twitter @sarahsknight.




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