Ordinary Moms Kick Ass

by Shannon Hembree on April 15, 2011

​Have you ever wanted to kick someone’s ass? I mean really kick it? Not even once? How about the guy who cut you off on the road last week? How about the person in front of you in the 15 items or less checkout lane at the grocery store with 40 items? How about the jerk who let his dog poop on the playground and didn’t clean it up? How about that little black dress that seems to ride up on your mom tush where it didn’t before you had kids?

It’s safe to say there are days when we all want to pull out a can of whoop ass on someone (or something). In honor of those days, we will periodically honor a Kick-Ass Mom. These moms will either kick ass literally, figuratively, or both.

Meet Bree Luck, aka Stiletto Southpaw, our first Kick-Ass Mom honoree. Bree is a mom of two. She is also the Education Director for Live Arts and an arm wrestler for charity. Yes, you read it right. She arm wrestles for charity.

Bree describes herself this way: “I am a normal mother who wears clogs, and cleans toilets, and reads bedtime stories, and cries with my girlfriends at sappy movies.”

Photo courtesy of Billy Hunt

But beyond the everyday mom stuff, she is a member of the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers (CLAW), which is described on its website as “a loose (and we do mean loose) affiliation of superbad women arm wrestling each other to raise money for women-initiated causes.”

So how did Bree make this leap? “I’ve always been pretty scrawny and prissy, so I wasn’t initially drawn to the idea of having my wrist kicked by some tough broad, but I also had a project that needed funding, so I agreed to wrestle one time, if the proceeds could benefit The Voice Project, a drama therapy program I run for incarcerated women.”

Bree says of Stiletto, “She’s everything that I am not. She doesn’t talk. She fights hard. She wields her sexiness like a weapon. And she wears latex to work.”

While all moms don’t necessarily want to wear latex, it would be amazing to know we could! So we asked Bree how she got from mom bod to bikini bod. “I try to get to the gym for cardio and weights five days a week when I’m training, but it’s hard for me to carve out that time with a full work and parenting schedule. When I’m too busy to make it to Pilates class, I find other ways to keep moving:
  • At work, I always take the stairs. I work on the fourth floor of my office, and I run up and down those stairs at least 8 times a day.
  • I suck in my gut. I try to remind myself to tighten my core throughout the day – I make it a point to incorporate some Pilates breathing when I’m checking email, as I’m waiting in line, when I get bored in a meeting, or when my phone rings.
  • Be a kid. You know how your kid likes to use curbs as a balance beam? Well, I do that too. My girls think I’m super fun, and it keeps my balance in check. Other kid things I like to do that may or may not keep me fit: Jumping on the bed, climbing the monkey bars, being the monkey bars (for little ones), and turning really lame cartwheels in the front yard. My body keeps moving – and it keeps me connected to my girls. Note: I used to sing musical songs as I danced down the street with my kids, but I am no longer allowed to do this, since my older daughter turned nine.”

Photo courtesy of Billy Hunt

As every woman knows, exercise alone isn’t the solution. According to Bree, “I eat more vegetables than I ever thought possible for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and I have virtually eliminated all the things that clog me up – dairy, wheat, and meat. I used to fight the belly pooch, no matter how thin I was, but when I kicked out the cloggers, the pooch went away. I recently had a cancer scare (which even shook the superhero in me) and I got turned on to Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet, which has some great tips for kicking the dairy/sugar/meat habits – and for creating an environment not only for carving out a leaner body – but for creating an internal chemistry that is far more resistant to the big, nasty C.”

Being a kick-ass mom is hard, but raising girls can be harder. We asked Bree what the most important thing is that she wants to convey to her daughters as they grow up. She replied, “Never feel trapped by circumstance. You have everything you need to make your life rich and interesting, so don’t wait for someone else to do it for you… and you can get your own glass of water, dears.”

And her advice for other moms? “Don’t ask for permission. Trying something new is an act of faith. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and jump. If thinking of making a change causes your stomach to turn, don’t think about it. Studies show that the longer we have to worry about something, the more anxious we feel. If anxiety is holding you back, give yourself the room to be rash – make a quick decision and go for it (safely, of course.)”

How does it feel to be honored as our first Kick-Ass Mom? “Aw, shucks,” said Bree. “It feels great!”

Bree is one tough broad, so we couldn’t resist asking, in a fight between you and Angelina Jolie, who do you think would win? Her reply? “Angelina would kick my wrist – but Stiletto would bury Angelina.”

If you have someone you would like to nominate to be one of our Kick-Ass Moms, email us at info@mamasagainstdrama.com

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